apache-configread http configuration from apache8 years
blockfusemap block devices into ordinary files3 years
bsync[no description]heiko8 years
dnsviedit DNS zone files via nsupdate13 months
doc/perl/examplesPerl Examples, Rereference Cheat Sheet2 years
doc/systemdDocumentation / Talk about systemd7 years
dovemonyet another set of imap tools8 years
dovexpireyet another set of imap tools4 years
genovpngenerate openvpn configuration files from a template4 years
imagerfile system image tool for endless backup history2 years
imap2imapyet another set of imap tools8 years
imaptalkyet another set of imap tools8 years
ius/apu[no description]7 years
ius/btrfs-fader[no description]2 years
ius/dav-htpasswdAdd dav users to htpasswd and remove them after expiration7 years
ius/export-volumeexport drbd/lvm volumes via iscsi
ius/getcertsIUS get certificates matching a local private key
ius/keysIUS public keys8 days
ius/kvmtool[no description]7 years
ius/libmail-srs-procedural-perlA procedural interface to the Mail::SRS perl module 7 years
ius/nagios/monitoring-plugin-avastlicense[no description]4 years
ius/nagios/monitoring-plugin-cacheck OpenSSL CA index.txt file for expiring certificates 2 years
ius/nagios/monitoring-plugin-sa-updatenrpe plugin to check for outdated spamassassin rules 4 years
ius/nagios/nagios-plugin-amandanagios plugin to check amanda backup status 3 years
ius/nagios/nagios-plugin-amanda-clientnagios plugin do client side checks of the Amanda backup suite 3 years
ius/nagios/nagios-plugin-avastlicense[no description]
ius/nagios/nagios-plugin-dns-delegationnagios check for dns serial numbers 3 years
ius/nagios/nagios-plugin-drbdnagios plugin to check drbd status 6 years
ius/nagios/nagios-plugin-journaldnagios plugin to check that systemd journald is running 4 years
ius/nagios/nagios-plugin-ldap-repl[no description]2 years
ius/nagios/nagios-plugin-mailqcount old mails in queue 6 years
ius/nagios/nagios-plugin-memnagios plugin to check memory usage 5 years
ius/nagios/nagios-plugin-release[no description]2 years
ius/nagios/nagios-plugin-rsnapshotnagios plugin to check rsnapshot logfile for errors 4 years
ius/nagios/nagios-plugin-sa-update[no description]
ius/nagios/nagios-plugin-smb[no description]4 years
ius/nagios/nagios-plugin-systemd[no description]3 years
ius/pg-backupPostgreSQL backup script2 years
ius/schlittermann-ssh-keysIUS public SSH keys as a debian package2 years
ius/systemd-dehydrated[no description]4 years
migration/mailmanSupport tools for Mail Migration8 years
mimecutExim transport filter for cutting MIME attachments4 years
momM.O.M.8 years
mydumpmysql dump wrapper2 years
pdd[no description]heiko8 years
pexecparallel execution8 years
postgrepsimple postfix log grep, like exigrepheiko8 years
preseedPreseeded Debian installation6 years
profiles/heikoprofile files from Heiko Schlttermann7 years
sap/trainingSAP/Itelligence5 years